City Councilwoman Causes Stir With Social Media Post

Written by on June 16, 2020

A social media post by City Councilwoman Pam Bloxom has caused a number of citizens in Minden to respond by demanding she be removed or step down from her position. Bloxom’s post, made Sunday on her personal Facebook page, said, “Do you realize African Americans in this country are a mere 15% of the total population?” The post went viral on several different Facebook groups and even a petition on the website has been established, calling for her resignation or removal as Council Representative for District E. The page states: “Pam Bloxom has made racially insensitive remarks on social media post recently and her remarks insinuate that the African American population in the US should diminish the fact that they should not be represented in the community. Her opinion as a city councilman also inflames the current social climate in her city. We ask that she step down to allow a more empathetic candidate replace her at this time. We ask that she be removed immediately.”

Bloxom, when reached for comment by KTBS-TV in Shreveport, replied, “For the past two weeks the entire national and local media has focused on George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement. My point is there is another 85% of the country that does not condone Mr. Floyd’s killing. That 85% has not been reported on for any reason. End of story.” Minden Mayor, Terry Gardner, had no comment on the post.

Bloxom has been part of controversy before in her almost two year term as a Councilwoman for District E. Earlier this year, a sign posted at the Minden Recreation Field in her late husband’s memory was the source of conflict between the five council members with a 3-2 vote along racial lines to have the sign taken down. Bloxom had funded the cost of the fence and the sign personally through a donation to the Minden Recreation Booster Club. Minden Mayor Terry Gardner later vetoed the measure.

This is the latest controversy with the Minden City Council this year. The council has not met in a regular meeting since March, with members Terika Walker and Vincen Bradford not attending regular and most special sessions since April, following the resignation of Councilman from District A, Herbert Taylor.


A screenshot of the original Facebook post, captured from Councilwoman Pam Bloxom’s Facebook page.



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  1. Emmett Jones   On   June 27, 2020 at 7:54 pm

    Why should she step down for speaking the truth? The council members who have been refusing to meet are the ones who should be removed.

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