Nerd Notes: Week 6-Bossier

Written by on October 5, 2023

It’s hard to believe we are past the halfway point of the season as the Crimson Tide travels to Bossier to take on the Bearkats. It’s been a rough season for the Tide so far but hope springs eternal as the Tide looks to get in the win column tonight. Here’s a look at this week’s edition of Nerd Notes.

Bossier is the longest series against the Tide in both number of games and years.

  • Minden leads series 34-32-2
  • Minden and Bossier have played in every decade from the 1930s to the 2020s
  • The 68 total games represent the most games played against a school by Minden
  • Because it’s the most games against an opponent, Bossier has scored the most points against Minden, with 1,129 points in the 68 games.
  • Bossier also has the most wins against Minden in Homecoming games with 4
  • Minden has won the last 7 games in the series, which is the longest streak in the series. Minden’s last loss was in 2008
  • The longest losing streak by Minden in the series is 6, from 1971-1976.
  • The biggest win in the series by Minden was the very first game, a 68-0 win in 1932
  • The biggest loss in the series by Minden was 64-13 in 1950
  • Minden has shut out Bossier 9 times in the series, the last in 1986 (41-0)
  • Minden has been shut out by Bossier 13 times, the last in 2000 (48-0)
  • Minden’s last loss at Bossier was in 2007 (38-20)
  • Minden’s last loss at home to Bossier was 1999 (33-7)

Bossier holds a few Team records against the Tide in a long-running series:

  • 3rd most points scored with 64 in 1950
  • 5th most rushing yards with 441 in 1999, they also are 9th with 389 yards in 1948
  • Most rushing touchdowns in a game, 8 in 1950
  • 2nd most interceptions against Minden in a game, 6 in 1948
  • 2nd most turnovers in a game against Minden, 8 in 1970 (also tied for 3rd most with 7 in 2010)

Individual Records by Bossier against Minden:

  • Most interceptions thrown by a player: 6 by Eugene Tubbs in 1970
  • Most receiving TDs in a game: Adair Cox with 3 in 1952 (tied for 2nd all-time)
  • Longest Kickoff return: Antonio Erving, 97-yard TD in 2005 (2nd all-time)

Minden has several records in the series as well:

  • 4th most points scored in a game all time (68 in 1932)
  • Most rushing touchdowns in a game: 8 in 1932
  • Total offense: 515 yards in 2018 (6th all-time)
  • Yards per play: 13.7 in 2018 (1st all-time)

Individual records by Minden against Bossier:

  • Most interceptions thrown in a game: Connie Irby with 6 in 1948
  • Most Receiving touchdowns in a game: O.H. Haynes, Jr. with 3 in 1938 (tied for 2nd all-time)
  • Most punts in a game: Chris Johnson, 9 in 1996 (tied for 2nd all-time)
  • Punting average: 53 yards per punt, Bobby Lyle in 1965 (4th all-time)
  • Longest punt: Bert Lee, 70 yards, 1939 (2nd all-time)
  • Longest Kickoff return: Ronald Richard (2010) and Bobby Ashley (1959) 95-yard TD return (tied for 2nd all-time)
  • Fumble recovery return: Robert Norton, 75-yard TD in 1978 (3rd all-time)
  • Sacks in a game: Jerry Kemp, 3 (tied for 2nd all-time)
  • Interceptions in a game: Mack Scott (1977) and Dale Kirkland (1970) with 3 (tied for 1st all-time)
  • Longest Field Goal: Tyler Bethea 33 yards in 2009 (10th all-time)

Lots of numbers when you’ve played 68 games against an opponent!

It’s a short drive down interstate, so be sure and support the Crimson Tide against the Bearkats. If you can’t make it, as always, you can listen on 104.5 FM KBEF or online at

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