No Blackout Update/Hopeful On Duration Of Repairs

Written by on August 1, 2023

Monday evening, Minden Mayor Nick Cox provided citizens of Minden little new information about an impending city-wide blackout but did offer a little hope in the duration of the outage while repairs are made.

A press release issued Monday evening by the city of Minden states:
“At approximately 6 pm this evening, we received communication from our AEP representative, Dale Colvin, who informed us that he has been in contact with Entergy. According to Mr. Colvin, Entergy is actively working on finding a solution to significantly reduce the duration of the power outage for the City of Minden.”

Talking to KASO Radio on Monday night, Mayor Cox seemed to be confident in the solution being proposed by Colvin and the reduced outage time, based on what he’s seen.

Mid-morning today, a conference call will take place involving AEP, Entergy, and representatives from the City of Minden. This call will provide City leadership with a detailed plan on how they can minimize the impact of the power outage. Mayor Cox wants to remind citizens that it is important to note that at this time, no outage has been scheduled. KASO will provide updated information on our noon news, at and on our Facebook page as soon as it is released today. Mayor Cox does remind citizens that the only correct information regarding any potential blackouts and their duration will come from the city of Minden website/social media, City of Minden App, or any local media outlets.

Damage at Gilark Station from Sunday morning.

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