Qualifying Begins For March Election

Written by on January 21, 2021

Wednesday was not only a Presidential Inauguration day, but the beginning of a three -day qualifying period for the March 20th election.

While there are several local races of interest, there are also some statewide positions to be elected as well.

Here’s breakdown of all positions as of Wednesday afternoon:

BESE District 4:

  • Shelly McFarland (Winnfield)
  • Michael Melaerine (Shreveport)

Justice of the Peace-District 3

  • No candidates

Constable/Justice of the Peace-District 3

  • No candidates

Alderman-Village of Dixie Inn

  • Nell Finaly
  • Michael Milligan

Councilman-District A-City of Minden

  • Wayne Edwards
  • Mandi Hart
  • Robert Stewart

Councilman-District D-City of Minden

  • Henry Bridges
  • Michael Roy


Qualifying ends on Friday, January 22. Election date is Saturday, March 20.


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