Suit Filed Against Minden Councilman

Written by on March 17, 2020

A “Petition to declare the office of councilman, District A, City of Minden, currently held by Herbert Taylor, III vacant in accordance with L.A. R.S. 18:671, et seq.” was filed late last week by District Attorney J. Schuyler Marvin.

The lawsuit comes after a complaint was received from a citizen of Taylor’s district. In the complaint, the complainant Larry W. Gibson, states that Taylor purchased a home on Hackett Drive, outside of District A, and he does not believe Taylor is still residing in his district.

Gibson then provided a list of reasons why he thinks Taylor should not hold his position as councilman. The three reasons outlined in the letter are: “He’s no longer a resident of District A”; “He’s a diverse person”; and “He does not offer the professional ability to hold this position.”

“I do not feel that Mr. Taylor will be representing District A in its’ fullest,” Gibson said in the complaint letter. He went on to say, “Mr. Taylor has displayed several unethical behaviors since being in office. Mr. Taylor should be leading by example for the citizens of Minden.”

According to the opinion provided by District Attorney Marvin, his office has received several complaints regarding Taylor’s residency, with the latest one being that of Gibson dated March 11, 2020.

In the suit, Marvin provides several pieces of evidence that show Taylor does not appear to be living at his 130 Church St. address. The evidence provided includes a mortgage for a property at 112 Hackett Dr., which states in part that the borrower shall occupy, establish, and use the property as borrower’s principal residence within 60 days. Other evidence includes documentation where Taylor applied for homestead exemption on the Hackett Dr. residence, which was later changed to his wife’s name. In his opinion, Marvin also stated that he reviewed utility bills at both residences before coming to his final opinion.

Marvin’s final opinion states:

“After reviewing the above documents, I have concluded that Herbert Taylor, III, has moved from the place where he resided at the time he filed and qualified for the office of councilman, District A, and that, in compliance with the requirements of law as set forth above, I must file suit in 26th Judicial District Court in order that the office may be declared vacant.”

A court hearing is set to be held on April 1, 2020 in which Taylor is to provide information requested by Marvin to the court. Although with ongoing restrictions and cancellations due to the COVID-19 virus, the court date may be reset.

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