Baily Rae Riley Madden

Written by on July 10, 2020

Baily Rae Riley Madden, age 25, entered into rest at her home in Shreveport, Louisiana July 5, 2020.

Baily’s family celebrated her birth in Minden, Louisiana on June 27, 1995. They brought her home to her energetic brother where he deemed himself her leader and protector. As his sidekick, she saw the value of staying out of trouble and soon showed all her generous and caring nature. When their sister arrived, Baily was thrilled to have her own live doll. Until she began following Baily everywhere and demanding ownership of every toy she owed.

When a new brother arrived with a heart condition, her abilities with children were revealed. Patience and understanding of another’s needs became a talent. Children, animals, and elderly alike found peace and solace in her presence. When the next brother arrived Baily proved her love and generosity had no bounds. She was a little mama to all her siblings.

Baily loved to read, but when she discovered her natural talent in art, she began writing and illustrating her own stories. By age 13, she had seven short stories written and illustrated. Ready for a professional’s eyes. Sadly, they were destroyed in a fire. Several of her works received awards and a few of her art pieces were showcased in a gallery.

Being from a musically inclined family, Baily had a deep love for all music. She joined her school choir and enjoyed singing with her friends so much, that as an adult ‘Karaoke night became a tradition. She graduated from Minden High School with a great squad of friends. They went on so many adventures together. As adults, her tribe enjoyed some of the best memories of her life.

Baily was the first to dance in the rain, quickest to arrive if needed, happy to remind you of your manners, and content howling at the moon. She never paused handing over her last dollar, was the best cuddler during a scary movie, and always strived to never disappoint anyone. She just wanted acceptance and love.

Baily was preceded in death by: sister, Sara Elizabeth Riley, her father, Ramon (Ray) J. Riley, uncle, Sgt. Joshua B. Madden, grandparents Tom and Sinda Riley, great grandparents Simon and Dot Madden, and Dr. Thomas and Wilfred Richardson.

She is survived by her mother, Jennifer Madden Black and stepfather Doug Black, brother Caden Madden and niece Lyana Madden, sister Ashln Benamati and fiancé Nolan Thompson, brothers Gabriel Benamati, and Jacob Benamati, step sister Sydney Black Mouser and husband Jacob, niece Paisley, step brother Phoenix (Cody) Johnson and wife Savannah, nephew Waylon, grandparents Jerry and Cindy Madden, uncle David Madden and wife Megan, nephews Cooper and Tucker, uncle Kevin Madden, aunt Dani Smock Madden, nephew Jaxon, niece Makinna, great uncle Mike Madden and aunt Kathy, step aunt Kim Black Whitlock and husband Jeff and son Colby, step uncle Brandon Watts, step grandmother Sharon Guin, step great grandmother Margie Buck, bonus sister Annie Greenwood, special friend Madison Rawls, her furry companion Mya, bonus family Aaron and Anna Goletz and children; Janet Lowry and family.

Services for Baily Rae Riley Madden will be held Saturday, July 11, 2020 at 6 p.m. at The Farm at Cultural Crossroads, 419 East Union Street in Minden, Louisiana. The family invites the public to attend at this spacious exterior location where food, drinks and Karaoke will be enjoyed as we celebrate Baily’s life. Seating and air conditioning will be provided.

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