Nerd Notes: St. Jude 2023

Written by on February 20, 2023

It’s been just over a week since the Minden St. Jude Auction wrapped up. It was a second straight year that the auction eclipsed the $2 million mark, a phenomenal achievement for a small town in just a 4-day window. With another historic amount raised, here’s a Nerd Notes, St. Jude auction look at the numbers:

  • 2—We’ll start with the obvious, it’s the second straight year that the auction has raised over $2 million dollars ($2,003,013).
  • $172.93—the amount raised “per capita” for this year’s auction
  • 12—The number of consecutive years that the auction has raised more than $1 million. 2011 was the last year the auction did not eclipse that mark.
  • $18,421,797—The amount of money that the auction has raise since 2012!
  • $9,262,897—This is the amount of money raised from the beginning of the auction in 1976 until 2011, the last year the auction raised less than $1 million in a single year. If you noticed from above, the auction has raised double that amount in the last 12 years!
  • $1,535,149.75—Average that the auction has raised in the 12-year period from 2012-2023.
  • $412,304—While it’s a negative number, being the amount less than last year’s total, I’ll give it some perspective. As you may remember, the auction received the largest donation in its history in 2022 from the estate of Mr. Alford Davis in the amount of $672,024. That amount is a once in a lifetime type donation. Had that donation not happened, the auction would have raised $1,741,245. Which means this year’s total would be $261,768 more than last year! So, the amount raised this year without that once in a lifetime donation is still a significant number, despite being $412,304 less than last year.
  • $1,036,433—total amount of money raised in 2023 via website. That means that the website generated more than 50% of the dollars raised this year.
  • $5.7 million—amount of money raised online since the first year of website allowed online contributions in 2015.
  • Bonus numbers: The website had 49,000 visitors from all 50 states and 49 countries around the world. Also, the total amount this year on online amount came from 8,028 “orders” online.

All those numbers bring us to my favorite number, the overall total. In the now 48 years of the Minden-St. Jude Auction, our small city has raised. $27,684,694! This means that Minden will soon become a $30 million city for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital! Well done, Minden!

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  1. Kathleen Smith   On   February 20, 2023 at 7:41 pm

    Thank you for compiling this. Minden #1thanks to all who work so hard. This is one reason my sister in law Laura is fantastic and awesome

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