Alcohol Sales Stumble into Minden

Written by on March 24, 2020

Alcohol in Minden stores has been long awaited by many since the election last year, and the time is finally here.

“We are now selling alcohol at our Minden locations!,” Dixie Mart, Inc. announced last week through Facebook. Today, Bon Temps on Sibley Rd. announced via Facebook that they have “a huge selection of everyone’s favorite drinks in all shapes and sizes!” They added, “Anytime before 8 p.m.,” referring to the city-wide curfew.

A quick check of the Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control website shows that several Minden businesses have applied for a license to sell alcohol. Bon Temps on Sibley Rd., Bon Temps #2 on Broadway St., Dixie Mart #5 on Lewisville Rd., Dixie Mart #11 on Hwy 531, and Dixie Mart #15 on Sibley Rd. have all applied and been approved for their license. Abraham Food Mart on Talton St., Brookshire’s on Homer Rd., Caney Lake Store on Pine St., Mike’s Hometown Spirits on Homer Rd., and Murphy USA on Homer Rd. have all applied and their license is still pending. Dixie Mart #10 on Homer Rd. shows to have been denied their permit to sell alcohol, but the website did not give details on why.


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  1. Keith Beard   On   March 24, 2020 at 8:00 pm

    Dixie Mart #10 on Homer Rd. is practically next door to Emmanuel Baptist Church. That is probably the reason that location was denied.

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