Lakeside Softball Out Of Playoffs

Written by on April 22, 2021

On a sunny and cool Wednesday afternoon, the Lakeside Lady Warriors softball season came to an end. 6-1. Visitors from New Orleans took the win.
It was a sad moment when the final out was recorded. Assistant coach Guy Sanders told the young ladies to be mature about the defeat as they congratulated the victors. They were. Our girls were. Sad, through some held back tears, they waved and said good game and good luck. And then it was over. Gone like breath on a mirror. Over. But that’s ok. It really is. Only one team is happy when the season’s final out is recorded, and that’s ok too. Because loss teaches us more than victory. And more than that – the way we respond to loss is the greatest indicator of character. And our girls, it seems, are of the highest character.
The photo attached to this post isn’t of the entire team. And that’s intentional. Because the underclass players live to fight another day in that Warrior red. These girls in this picture, these seniors, are some of the best PEOPLE to ever come through Sibley schools at any time before. Their names are Ella Nielsen, Laney Taylor, Liana Gould, Frances Robinson, Madison McCullough, Savannah Wilson, Kaylee Davis, and Mary Franks. They are special. And I know, I know – we throw that word around a lot. Everybody is special nowadays. So much so that the word loses all meaning. But not when I use it. When I use it I mean it. And that’s what they are. They are Warriors. They are Warriors forever. In the classroom. In the community. On the field. They are Warriors and represent their school the way Warriors should.
Life will go on for them even though tonight may seem like the end of the world. But it’s not. That sun will rise around 6:30ish tomorrow morning. We’ll have school and get ready for another hurdle. Then graduation.  College. Jobs. Marriage. Kids. Life. But they will always share a bond. No matter where life takes them. The bond they formed as members of the Class of 2021, on the diamond, in Coach Cooper’s Advanced Math class (ughhh, I know right, girls?), and in the halls of Lakeside since 7th grade, will last for the remainder of their days.
Part of the journey is the end.
And it was an epic journey.
Thank you, Lady Warriors. Thank you for the memories.
To the members of the Class of 2021 – we love you. But more importantly- we like you.
–Josh Beavers
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