City Council Holds October Meeting

Written by on October 6, 2020

After fireworks at last month’s regular City Council meeting, October’s meeting was much calmer, though some division remains among the council. The division was shown on the first item of the agenda, which was to approve minutes from special sessions held in August and September, as well as the September regular session. All three were adopted, but not unanimously. The special session from August 11th was adopted by a 2-1 vote, with Vincen Bradford voting against. Terika Walker was late attending the meeting and not present for the first vote and it was the first council meeting since the resignation of District D councilman Keith Beard. The council tied at 2-2 on adopting the minutes of the regular session held on September 8th, with Council members Wayne Edwards and Pam Bloxom voting for, Vincen Bradford and Terika Walker voting against. With the tie vote, Mayor Terry Gardner voted for to break the tie with a 3-2 vote to adopt the minutes. The council also tied 2-2 by the same members, Edwards and Bloxom for, Bradford and Walker against, to adopt the special session held on September 30th. Mayor Gardner once again broke the tie by a 3-2 vote to adopt the minutes. The council was much more agreeable on the remainder of the agenda including:

  • Voted 4-0 to approve the reappointment of Adam Bradley as the Fire Department representative as Vice Chairman with a term expiring on July 29, 2023; and appointment of Jason Smith as the Police Department representative, replacing Keith King, Jr., as Chairman, with a term expiring also on July 29, 2023.
  • Voted 4-0 to adopt Ordinance #1113-Annual Bridge Maintenance Report
  • Voted 4-0 to adopt resolution for Annual Certification of Compliance with State of Louisiana Off-System Bridge Replacement Program.
  • Voted 4-0 to adopt a resolution adopting the Louisiana Compliance Questionnaire for the Audit Period of 10/1/19—9/30/20.
  • Voted 4-0 to adopt a resolution stating the City of Minden agrees to fund Administrative Service and Engineering Services for the Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Louisiana Development Block Grant. It was noted by Mayor Gardner that funds would not be spent unless a grant was awarded.
  • Voted 4-0 to approve the engagement of Wise, Martin, and Cole to conduct the annual audits for the Fiscal Year 2019-2020.

During Council Comments, Mayor Gardner addressed the issue of Trick-or-Treating at Halloween in Minden this year. With Covid-19 still very much a part of everyday life, Gardner stated that he had discussion with many in the community and the members of the city council about whether or not to officially cancel Halloween Trick-or-Treating. Gardner said that after consideration of council members, they agreed that it would be left up to individual parents on whether to assume the risks potential involved with Covid-19 at Halloween this year as well as those who hand out candy each year.

The next regular meeting of the City Council is scheduled for Monday, November 2nd.

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