Local, State Authorities to Enforce Governor’s Proclamation

Written by on March 31, 2020

Local and state governing authorities are starting to crack down on businesses and individuals that are not following Governor John Bel Edwards’ “Stay at Home” order.

In a Facebook post “from the Mayor’s office”, the City of Minden warned “non-essential” businesses that are still open to “Close Now”. “Starting today, the state and local law enforcement agencies will be checking into businesses that should be closed,” the post said. “If they find someone not in compliance with the governor’s orders, the business will be closed, issued a citation/fine, and possibly could have their license revoked.”

Similar messages are being posted state-wide and nation-wide as the numbers continue to rise. Louisiana numbers took a huge jump from 4,025 cases to 5,237 cases in just a 24 hours. That is an increase of 1,212. Total deaths increased by 54 from 185 to 239.

For more information on the governor’s “Stay at Home” order, please visit the Louisiana Governor’s website.

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